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Once you visit the rental property and decide that you would like to lease the property for a minimum term of one year, the rental process is as follows:

  1. An Application for Occupancy Form is completed for each roommate/couple. This form includes information on the applicant(s) including:
    • Residential information
    • Employement information
    • References (personal and bank)

  2. An initial refundable security deposit of $200 is collected along with a non-refundable application fee of $50 per roommate.
  3. The "Application for Occupancy Form" is processed by a 3rd party screening company to determine elegibility.

  4. Applicants with a low credit score or who are deemed to be a financial risk may be required to have a co-signer execute a guaranty.

  5. A Residential Lease-Rental Agreement is executed and the remaining funds are collected. The funds collected include rent for the first month and the remaining balance of the security/cleaning deposit.
  6. A property-specific Addendum A to the "Residential Lease-Rental Agreement" which defines tenant responsibilities and further agreements is signed.
  7. A "Rental Property Move-in Checklist" is signed to document the condition of the property.
  8. Upon execution of all of the agreements and collection of all funds due, the tenant is provided with access to the property (including keys and automatic garage door openers).
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